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Friday, September 22, 2006


September is one of our favorite months around this place. It begins with our anniversary on the second and our birthdays on the seventeenth. Amazing, huh? Andy and I have the same wedding anniversary AND the same birthday.
Last weekend we celebrated our fourth birthday together. We honestly love having the same birthday. It’s not only convenient, but it’s also very efficient. The only downfall is we can never throw each other a surprise party. That’s fine by me. If I’m having a party, I prefer to be the one planning it. Seriously, readers, you should always think twice about throwing a surprise party for a Virgo. If you still think you should throw it, you should then run it by the honoree thereby ruining the surprise, but saving your own ass.

The days of wine and roses
This year we had a really nice get-together the evening before our day. We had friends from San Fran down and a few close locals. Much fun was had grilling, drinking, gabbing, and even playing a little badminton. The dogs had a great time and were complimented on their very pleasant behavior. I guess it’s because I’m the mom, but that was one of my favorite parts of the whole evening – the dogs and the guests getting along so well.
The day after the party was nice (and our actual bday). Neither of us put pants on all day. We had a (what I like to call) bed-in and watched The Simpsons season five all day. It was perfect.
And, due to the overage of alcohol we had at the party, I have decided that I need to start drinking. A lot. And you know what? It is quite nice to have a cocktail in the evening, every evening.

Catchup and Mayo
It’s been so long since I’ve made a “what’s going on in my life” post. Let me try to get you up to speed.
I stopped working for Doggie-Style at the end of July. It was a little sad parting ways with a few of the dogs I had become such good friends with, but that’s life. August was a very busy month for our own business, so the timing of it all worked out perfectly.
Even though we aren’t housesitting under the Hollywood sign anymore we are taking our dogs daily to walk with that household on the sign trial. It’s Bo and Lena’s favorite walk. Lena gets walked off-leash, which is her favorite thing ever. We let Bo off-leash occasionally, but only when there are no other dogs up or down the trail. He’s excellent with his commands and wishes (almost) only to please us, but he also likes to fight. His mission is to initiate as many dogs as possible into the Bo Dog Fight Club.

I am in the process of earning my license to prepare income taxes. I know you’re all jealous of the fun time I’m having learning about the exciting world of tax preparation, so you’re just going to have to deal. As “exciting” as it is, I am proving to be quite good at it. I’m looking forward to possible part-time seasonal work. I’ll also be able to do our own taxes, which will save us a pretty penny or two.

Shows and movies and a rating system
In addition to The Simpsons season five, we also received Robot Chicken season one and BrokeDown Palace, one of my favorite fem-dramas.
Robot Chicken is an awesome stop-animation Seth Green project. We absolutely love it and think you should too.
We also really enjoyed Erol Moriss’ First Person, a bunch of hour-long documentaries each showcasing a very interesting, usually very weird person.

In response to feedback I received about my movie reviews, I will from here on out be giving my opinion along with some stars. I like the system Netflix uses enough to tinker with it and make it my own. It goes something like this:

*****Loved it!
****Liked it
***It was okay or I felt neutral about it
**Didn’t like it
*Hated it!

**Mercury Rising – A rather lame movie where Bruce Willis is to protect an autistic kid from people who want to kill him because he solved some code.
***Ladder 49 – This was actually a little boring, but the whole time I felt like if I were a fire fighter I might think that it was all very realistic and be proud of it. So, it got three stars.
***After the Sunset – Can someone tell me why it doesn’t matter that no one can understand what Salma Hayek is saying or whether or not her acting is good? I’m not in her shoes, but I would think that it would be a little frustrating for my boobs to be getting all the work and not me. Whatever pays the bills, I guess. Acting may be just a tiny step above prostitution and porn, but at least there’s that little step. I actually wasn’t even planning to get into all that. What I really wanted to say is that Woody Harrelson’s performance is why this movie did not get two stars (one for each of Salma’s “sisters”).
****Jesus’ Son – What a surprisingly good movie. It was dark, but humorous and that’s nearly perfection in my book.
***The Flight of the Phoenix – This is definitely one of those movies to watch when you want to see a “bad” movie with really good special effects. Really.
***Syriana – So long and so many characters. Don’t watch it unless you can invest the time and energy.
****Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang – We had a great time with this one. We loved the actors (even and especially Kilmer) and the story. If you like cheesy crime novels, you’ll want to see this.
***Why we Fight – I liked aspects of this movie. I was very interested in what some of their experts were saying, but didn’t really care about why general Americans think we’re at war. The masses are stupid and easily lead and they don’t need five seconds of air-time to make that any clearer.
**House of Fury: Chinese Chiropractor – I was so disappointed I fell asleep, so don’t ask me how it ends.
***Inside Man – You know it’s a Spike Lee Joint when a pair of boobs is one of the supporting characters. We enjoyed this one a lot, until the end. We may be the lame ones here, but we like our loose endings a little more tied than that, thanks.
****Lucky number Slevin – We had fun with this one and think you will too.
****The Covenant – I know, I know, four stars? Really? Yes, but only because it is one of the best “bad” movies ever. It is very much this generation’s Lost Boys (you’ll especially think so after the opening).
****Talladega Nights – Or what I like to call the Ricky Bobby Movie. It was as stupid and silly as we were expecting. Go Rednecks!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Happiness is a warm XBOX360

Yes it is.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been discussing the replacement of our über-crappy DVD player. The player never worked very well despite being brand new (we bought it May of 05)and hasn’t really worked at all in months. Sometimes it would play discs, but never to the end. At some point in viewing it would skip and flip out and stop cooperating completely. Then we would have to relocate to the bedroom where we have an old, cheap player (which is not compatible with our TV in the living room) that never has problems playing discs. At the beginning of the year I bought a disc cleaning system and a player cleaner. We used it for each and every disc we played and sometimes it even seemed to help. Two weeks ago we put in a brand new disc fresh from the package and it wouldn’t play. Needless to say we were happy to rid ourselves of the Crappiest DVD Player That Ever Existed (it was a Philips brand player, if it matters).
So, when discussing the replacement of the C.D.P.T.E.E. my concern was that we would pay good money (as opposed to bad, indecent money) for a player and in a few months end up with a player that was just as finicky as the C.D.P.T.E.E. That’s when we decided to go with the XBOX360. Though way more expensive than what we would pay for just a DVD player, the Box offers so much more. What really sold me was when Andy told me about how he had never owned a game system that wasn’t used or specifically current. Growing up he and his brother begged their parents for Atari, then Nintendo to no avail. His brother at some point sold his bicycle to a friend in exchange for a used Nintendo system knowing that his parents would replace his bicycle but not buy him a game system. A few years ago Andy bought himself a used PlayStation One system and that’s what we’ve been working with. My husband presented himself as such a gaming charity case and I was sold on the idea. I bought the system as well as a few games last Thursday. I was up until 3am that night playing one of the built-in arcade games. Not only is it tons of fun (and we’ve only opened one of the games I bought), but we can now watch movies without any problems whatsoever. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The system is capable of so much more!
Who’s up for some XBOX360 play?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Home at last

Yes! We live in our home again.
We’ve been back a full week and isn’t life grand! We’ve spent the past two weekends cleaning like mad fools. I totally get why people do a yearly spring cleaning…because doing it during a July heat wave is frankly retarded, but it had to be done.

All else is going very well. My mom and sis were up yesterday for a short visit. My mom and dad just got back from celebrating Dad’s 50th bday and their 20th anniversary in Ireland last week. Before that Mom and Sis were in Italy. They were actually there when Italy won the soccer world cup. They said it was wild. People were partying all night and most shops were closed the next day. Can’t you picture the signs: Hung-over, try us tomorrow! Anyway, the blond ones I share lots of genetics with were here and we had a very nice time. They got to meet Brutus, who despite my description surprised them with his girth (he’s only 17.5 pounds!). My sister was convinced he was as large as the dogs. Wouldn’t that be something! My mom had an array of special souvenirs for me. Some silver jewelry from The Green Isle and some olive oil and really nice kitchen towels from The Boot. Presents are so much fun! We went for an early dinner at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffle. My sister is obsessed with that place and going there is the icing on the cake for making the trip up to L.A. (me being the actual cake – heehee. It’s been said before that I am the girl with the most cake, but that was mainly because I was carrying an entire red velvet in to the Hollywood Bowl. Ahh, good memories!)

A friend of mine was down from San Francisco visiting a couple weekends ago. It was so good seeing her and meeting her new girlfriend. I want more time with them! But I’ll take what I can get.

Things are great with the business. We are growing at a pace we feel is appropriate and comfortable. August is busy, but that’s to be expected with lots of people going on vacation and such. If last year is any indicator come October we’ll be busy as bees through the holiday season.

I don’t have too much else to say, but I do have a couple of random “tips” for my readers.
With Roxanne’s help I discovered a really good way to clean out a really gunky microwave…explode a bowl of oatmeal in the microwave and everything wipes off really easily. If you try it and it doesn’t work for you clearly it has to be Roxanne’s bowl of oatmeal to explode. There, I think I covered my bases with that.
The next tip has to do with weight. Regardless of actual weight and size a lot of people have issues with their bodies. It seems that body issues are almost synonymous with being an American. I love myself and like my body, even if I am a little soft (comfortable, chubby…any more nice words out there for curvy women?). I feel great and healthy and that’s what seems important to me. Nonetheless I’ve discovered a little parlor trick to help me be better friends with the scale. What I did was this: before my shower I stripped and weighed myself…not bad, could be better, but that would take effort and it’s really not a big deal to me, I know that my self worth and my weight aren’t at all related and sexyness really is a state of mind…then shower, then weigh yourself with wet hair wearing a towel and a robe. I weighed six more pounds after my shower, which made me feel much better about my pre-shower weight. I know, it sounds kind of stupid, but it was fun. I was surprised that I was six whole pounds heavier. I think it’s the hair. It’s gotten so long and out of control. How much more do you weigh sopping wet in a towel???

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Veronica Cars

This is a pretty substantial post. I’ve been thinking for a while about its title and have had a difficult time settling on one. What I keep coming back to is Henry’s silly funny: Veronica Cars. Cornball humor reigns! But enough about who’s to blame for the title, what does it mean?

Simply this: Veronica – the car I totaled; Cars – the Mercedes I hit (ouch!) and the Volvo, Rhiannon, we just bought (smile).

Let’s start at the beginning (a very good place to start), June 17, 2006. This date marks the genesis of our car AND (as this blog is always hinting at: there’s more! thanks for waiting) pig drama.

8:00 AM - I’m preparing for my day trip to my parent’s home in San Diego. Andy gets back from taking the dogs on their morning walk in the desert hills. He begins telling me about the eventfulness of the hike when Lena sneezes blood all over the pristine white duvet (what a drama pig!). What Andy was about to tell me, long story short, Lena inhaled a foxtail. After the third bloody sneeze I declared we were going to the vet, threw on my flip-flops, grabbed the keys and the four of us (Bo too, it was a family affair) hit the road.

10:00 AM - We’ve left the pig at the veterinarian’s to be picked up at 3pm after they put her under and extract the foxtail from her nose.
(Author’s note: I hate leaving Lena at the vet. Some of you may not get it, but she is my baby. Not only that but just the week before this a client of Rian’s had passed away suddenly after a very routine trip to the vet. So, I began a mild panic and wanted nothing but for it to be 3pm and to have the pig in my arms.)
I call my parents to cancel on them. Hell, I was only going to be down a few hours anyway and at this point so late in the morning I’d end up being on the road longer than I would be there to visit. But that doesn’t exactly fly or seem to matter. Andy assures me that everything will be fine and if something were to happen it wouldn’t make a difference if I were here or in San Diego.
I call my parents yet again to tell them never mind, I will be there, but not until 1ish and I’ll still have to leave early in order to get back and housesit. The ‘rents seem pleased.

1:00 PM - I make it safely to my parent’s house. Veronica hits 90K miles on the way! The family heads out for a nice lunch and to run a few errands before heading back to the house.

5:00 PM – I should’ve left earlier, but I’m still in good shape to make it where I need to be by 8pm (or here’s hoping). Approximately 15 seconds after getting on the freeway headed north BAM! I rear-ended a Mercedes. A fucking Mercedes! CONFUSSION…RAPID HEARTBEAT…PULL OVER…DON’T GET HIT!…OH FUCK!…I’M OKAY.
Here’s how it all went down in the 2.7 seconds it took to accomplish all that I did. I enter the freeway and proceed to get over towards the left lanes. Traffic is thick, but moving I’d say about 50-60mph in the lane I am in, the right-hand middle of about six, as I further my journey left. I shoot a quick glance over my left shoulder to check my blind spot, face forward and BAM! In the split second it took me to turn my head away and then back again traffic ahead of me went from moving with no break lights to slowed considerably with break lights. The front right corner of my car plowed into the back left corner of the Mercedes. You know the cliché “it all happened so fast”? Well, it did. So fast.
It was like bumper cars or demolition derby driving the way I hit him without breaking. Trust me, I’d have thrown on the breaks if there were any time at all. It was actually very scary, but I was SO LUCKY! No one was hurt, the guy I hit was calm and considerate and Veronica, though badly injured, was still drivable. The drive home was tense and mind aching (to say the least), but we made it, Veronica and I. I continued to drive her for about two weeks after the accident.

Veronica Miller-Wyke
March 1998 – July 2006

She was a good little car and I loved her. I loved her the way anyone could love a car. I got her brand new and was pleased with her until the day she was taken away. She made many a roadtrip. San Diego to Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo to San Francisco to Louisiana to Idaho. She was sweet, efficient, reliable and one of the last things she proved to me was that she could really take a punch. She had a lot of life left in her, but Veronica will live on in tens possibly hundreds of other Saturns in need of a part or car organ. She will be missed, but fondly remembered.

Rhiannon Milka Wyke
July 15, 2006 - ???

I’ll be the first to admit that it is ridiculous to give a car a middle name, but this time it had to be done. I wanted to give her a Slavic name and the only one Andy and I could think to agree on was Milka (meaning “industrious”). Even though she’s white, I wasn’t going to name her Milka, at least not for a first name. Then Andy suggested Rhiannon, a strong Welsh name meaning “mythological nymph” (oh, yeah! Bown-chic-a-bown-bown), a name that we would never use for human offspring. I was also fond of the name because it’s the name of a song just like Veronica is. It felt fitting, it felt right.
Rhiannon is a gorgeous, white, sturdy, comfortable Volvo wagon. She’s big enough for lots of stuff including dogs and a practice baby – the one that will be here in oh let’s say three years. We were so pleased to meet her and liked her instantly. She was exactly what we were looking for. Welcome to our family, Rhiannon.

And what about the Pig?
The car accident and all that followed sucked, but that’s life. However, with the addition of having to worry about my baby, the week or two that followed was nearly unbearable. Lena made it through the first procedure just fine. We had her back that very night and all seemed well until four days later when she peed in the bed, pooped inside the house, had a scrunched up face, swollen eye, hacking cough and when we tried to open her mouth to look down her throat she screamed bloody murder. Definitely not normal for the pig. So again we rushed her to the vet’s office. They put her under for the second time and found swelling in the roof of her mouth, which they took a biopsy of and two foxtails piercing her eardrum! When we went to pick her up the doctor was very concerned that there were more foxtails in her head that she couldn’t get to. She told us to keep a very close eye on Lena and if she got worse she would need to be taken to a special hospital where they could do a rhinoscopy (sp? a procedure involving a camera up the nose and all around), some other test I can’t remember and a CAT scan. Holy Shit. As we pondered the potential damage that a fucking weed could do to our baby and our pocketbook, the receptionist was having trouble getting anyone to bring our dog to the waiting area for us to take home. We were getting very, very nervous. Why is no one bringing her? What’s wrong!? About thirty minutes later a vet tech brings the pig to us. I have never seen her so drugged. Clearly the problem was that they were having a hard time waking her. For about 24 full hours after we got her back she was pretty much knocked out. She also ran a high fever all night, which wasn’t too surprising considering she had holes in her ear drum and a stitched incision in her mouth trying to heal. Because she was on antibiotics for ten days we wouldn’t be able to know if there were more foxtails in her until she was off of the meds and infection started to set in again. Luckily we are now totally in the clear and Lena, after having three foreign objects surgically removed from her noggin, is back to her happy rambunctious self! The biopsy came back normal and the doctor said the swelling was just from the eardrum business.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Let’s go to the movies!

As promised this is my summer movie post. We’ve watched so many (I’m sure I’ve forgotten a couple) that I can’t just throw them all at you with no organization whatsoever. So, I’ve made little subcategories to ease your weary mind.

When you need a bad movie to set you straight:
Yes, sometimes we watch bad movies intentionally. Not just any bad movie, but the kind that is usually full of action, really lame one-liners, a rap star turned actor (if you’re lucky), and that in the right state can cause outbursts of laughter (and maybe a little tinkle).
Team America – This movie is so F-ing funny. After watching it I realized how so many other "bad" movies follow the same recipe, if you will. We loved this one, but watch out…it’ll leave you singing “America, Fuck Yeah!”
Mindhunters – Jonny Lee Miller, LL Cool J and Christian Slater…need I say more? Slater’s death scene is awesomely funny while Mr. Cool J delivers the “best” line in the movie.
Meet the Fockers – I didn’t like Meet the Parents, which is why I expected the sequel to be an actual bad movie. However, this one was way funnier than the first. Yes, it was still stupid like the first, but Hoffman and Streisand saved the day. I am no fan of Barbra Streisand, but her performance and her character in this movie charmed the pants off me.
Without a Paddle – Yes, this was a very lame movie, but that’s completely what we expected. There were a few good laughs, but mainly I have a spot in my heart for Matt Lillard. Even in really bad movies (Scooby Doo) his performance is always topnotch.
The Longest Yard – If you’re in the mood for a football movie filled to the brim with homoerotica this is the movie for you (I’m talking to you, Jenn).
Blade: Trinity – The character Blade is just cool. The movie is cool. And, it’s fun to see Parker Posey as a vampire.
Around the world in 80 Days – If you have sons, nephews, neighbors or know anyone who is a boy around the age of 10 or 12 you should watch this movie with them. It is totally fun and filled with the humor of boys (and girls!) of that age.
Assault on Precinct 13 – Ethan Hawke usually annoys the hell out of me. But I really liked this movie. There were a few things that irked me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Ones that missed the bad movie boat:
That’s right…when you set out to watch a bad movie for the pure fun of it, you’re bound to get burned, I mean bored. These are the bad movies that are rotten and provided no payoff.
XXX State of the Union – What a disappointment. Even with the rap star this one really stunk.
Johnny Mnemonic – I mildly tolerated this movie until the dolphin. Are you kidding me? No, I’m not. This is what I think happened: The script writers were at a loss as to where to go and how to wrap it up so they put random ideas/nouns on strips of paper, tossed them into a hat and drew. For the rest of the week my line was: I’ll watch it, but we’re turning it off if there’s a dolphin in it!
The Interpreter – This could have been an okay movie, if it were a completely different movie. You’re supposed to be wondering throughout most of it if Kidman’s character is good or bad. It really doesn’t matter though. Either way, who cares?
War of the Worlds – Some of it was interesting. Dakota Fanning’s performance was great (as always). Cruise played a very believable asshole. Not worth your time though.
Hide and Seek – Robert De Niro could not save this movie. Dakota Fanning was good (I’m repeating myself). But the most interesting part of this movie was that Elizabeth Shue played a character named Elizabeth. Yes, I swear it was that bad.
The Forgotten – Forgettable, to say the least. Who keeps giving Julianne Moore work?
The Ringer – If this movie wasn’t so pro-tard, it would be funny. Shock shock, a Johnny Knoxville movie that sucks ass…who’d have thought?

Some other “scary” movies:
Dawn of the Dead and Land of the Dead – We watched these two back to back late one night so they kind of bleed together in my head even though they are very different movies (well, I guess not very different movies). We liked them both and would recommend them to anyone who likes zombie movies.
The Skeleton Key – Not too bad. I liked the twist at the end, but the “big bad” turned out not to be really that scary. My main problem was that Kate Hudson looked a lot like Brittany Spears (in profile mostly). Not good.
The Butterfly Effect – I guess this isn’t really a scary movie, more of a sci-fi thriller. We did not expect to be so entertained by an Ashton Kutcher movie. The granola bar scene was my favorite (snort).
Psycho (‘60) & Psycho (‘98) – It was neat watching these two back to back. Most things Van Sant kept identical which made the few differences really stand out. Of course, I prefer the original. Vaughn’s performance does deserve an honorable mention.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose – Ok, this was actually a scary movie. I slept through a lot of it, thank god. It was really scary! I liked the parts I saw, but I was kinda freaked out. I even moved the pig so I could sit closer to Andy.

Highly likeable:
Jar Head – Well done, great acting.
Brokeback Mountain – Such a great love story. I shed a few for this one.
TransAmerica – Funny, I thought it was a drama. I guess this is one of them there dramadies.
King Kong – Although there is one scene I would cut (the long-ass insect scene on the island) this movie was breathtaking. I shed a few for this one too.
Anatomy of a Murder – B&W courtroom drama, it may be up your alley.
The Caine Mutiny – Oh how I love a mutiny! This was a very good movie.
Radio Flyer – I had seen this one before, but Andy hadn’t. He liked it as did I. Sad, but neat.

I just loved these!
The NY Dolls – I can’t say enough good things about this rockumentary. Great footage, great interviews, superb soundtrack!
Shattered Glass – If you can take your mind off the fact that Darth Vader is a journalist, I think you might really like this one. Peter Sarsgaard (one of those face masks/mouth guards in Asia?) is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.
Flirting with Disaster – I completely believe that a movie with Lily Tomlin will always be a good movie (zum beispiel, All of Me, 9 to 5 and Big Business). I wanted to watch this one again right after it was over. Such a funny, weird little movie.
I Heart Huckabees – About 30 minutes in Andy turns to me and says: You don’t have any idea what’s going on either, do you? No, I didn’t. This movie was so strange, but wonderful. My advice is just go with it and don’t worry if you’re not following, you’ll laugh anyway.

Middle of the road:
Mystery, Alaska – A hockey movie with Hank Azaria. 'Nuf said.
The Salton Sea – One of the better Val Kilmer movies (I don’t like him much). I kept thinking about the story over the following days. It really kind of stuck with me.
Blow Out – 1980, John Travolta. Andy had heard that his was a really good one. Maybe it was good in its time.
Code 46 – Oh, this one was quite lame actually. I cannot recommend it at all. It was just trying to be too artsy with weird, long sex scenes and well, just stupid stuff.
China Town – This is a classic and maybe because of that I was expecting a little too much. The house on Canyon drive does belong to clients of ours, that’s pretty cool.
Downfall – Ok, this was a good movie, but quite the downer and long, quite long. If you feel like watching a long subtitled movie about Hitler’s last days, this is for you.
Miami Blues – Andy really liked this movie when he saw it in theaters…back in 1990. If you see it you’ll understand why a college guy might like this movie (boobies and a hooker with a heart). It’s funny, but not trying to be.
To Catch a Thief – One of the lighter Hitchcock flicks.

Not my cup of tea and here’s why:
The Chronicles of Narnia – This was a very pretty movie to watch, but such a snooze. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the story. The story in itself is fucking boring.
It Happened One Night – This movie won all sorts of awards. I think because it showed some boobies through a camisole, which was probably a big thing back then (1934). I was tired of this movie very early on.
48 Hours – So dated. I cringedwith every racial slur and stereotype. Yes, I know it’s a Nick Nolte/Eddie Murphy movie, but still.
Elephant – Gus Van Sant is kind of a strange cat who tends to make slow to pay off (if at all) movies. Looking at his list on IMDB it may be one of his better ones though.
Last Days – Another Van Sant film about Kurt Cobain (no matter what he claims it to be about). I was thoroughly bored to tears.
The Clearing – This was actually a very good movie. Slow, but very well done. Helen Mirren’s performance was outstanding. This is one I would recommend to Andy’s parents. I think middle-aged/elderly people might enjoy this one a lot.
Constantine – Or what I like to call “The Matrix: Religion”. Lame movie, but I did have some pretty interesting dreams the night I watched it.

Hated it!
The Secret Lives of Dentists – Wow, only one movie in this category. I think that says a lot.

Weird little ones:
The Girl Most Likely To – I had never heard of this movie until I found it on the shelf where we are housesitting. It was campy sort of like the original Freaky Friday, but very dark. I thought it was great.
I Shot Andy Warhol – An interesting look into the life of a crazy femenatzi (not one of those sane femenatzis).
Dogville – Wow. I was surprised I liked this one so much considering it was a play as a movie. It was strange, violent and sad, but the ending was well worth it.
Auntie Mame – What a fun little old movie. Again, I had never heard of this one about a liberal Aunt who inherits her conservative brother’s son. It’s easy to like a movie when an out-there liberal is the “good” guy.

Other documentaries:
Iraq Uncovered – An interesting film strung together with news footage and interviews with some very prestigious ex-government employees. Exactly what we were expecting.
Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Price – Everyone should see this movie…and stop shopping at Wal-Mart. Seriously! They’re evil.
Imagine: John Lennon and John & Yoko’s Year of Peace – As you can imagine, these two are very similar. If you want to choose just one, I recommend John & Yoko’s Year of Peace. It was done better and happens to be shorter.
A League of Ordinary Gentlemen – That’s right, we’re talking professional bowlers! It was pretty good. The one thing I took away from it is that bowling trophies are cheap and break very easily.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Bo, Lena toes and Anor in the background. Posted by Picasa

Lena, b.e.v. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Lucky in love, but not much else

You know when life has been kind of shitty and bringing you down how you sometimes retreat and don’t really make an effort to reach out to anyone (or post in your blog)?

Yeah, I know too.

The good news is that Andy and I love and respect each other so unbelievably much that as long as we’re together we can weather any shitstorm that comes our way. Tried and true, not just hypothetical bullshit I’m talking.

From here I could hash and rehash all the crap we’ve dealt with over the past year. I guess it started when my job got super crappy and then months later I decided to quit. Or maybe it began when I broke my tooth. You get seven years bad luck for a broken mirror. How much for a tooth? I suppose that’s a query for the Tooth Fairy. Let’s just say it’s one full year of major crap. Phew…just four or five more weeks and I’m in the clear!

Now…let’s focus on the good news:
No one we know and love has died! That’s fantastic news!
Our place, though filthy and deserted looking, is still standing just as we left it several months ago. (That statement is a little misleading…we do visit our place from time to time, we just don’t live here again yet. Brutus is our fulltime squatter.)
Henry and Andy have been working on our yard project and while it may smell like horseshit now, in a few weeks we expect to see the miracle of life…small, green bladed life.
We have some super friends who, in our times of need, have come to our aid with words, shoulders, breaking backs, things to loan us and pizza. Thank you guys, you know who you are.
To recap…we and those we love are alive!…we still have a place to call our home…. we may have a grassy yard soon…and we have some really great people we call friends.

The bad news:
Let’s come back to that another day, shall we?
In the meantime I’ll total up our bills, create a paypal account and then leave it up to all you fine people to come to our rescue and take care of our needs.
Just Kidding! Although…a new computer would be nice!
If you don’t get the joke all I can say is that you are lucky to be spared!

Looking forward:
The Fourth of July is fast approaching. I’m not patriotic never have been, so the Fourth has always been an excuse to party and see some pretty lights in the night sky. This year it will hopefully be our excuse to relax. We’ve been busy this weekend with several out of town clients, but Tuesday will be a day with few responsibilities. As the group gathers on the coast for good times and good food in HB, Andy, the six dogs and I will be chilling together at our base camp in the Hills for a much needed breather.
Have fun everybody! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Sullivan & Grandma Wyke Posted by Picasa

Sulli at Superior Dairy Posted by Picasa